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December 31

Request For Proposals 2016

Santa Cruz Gives is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for the 2016 holiday giving campaign. This is the second year of the infant program, and the first with an online application process.

We have had good news from some of last year’s selected nonprofits about the progress they’ve made on their 2016 Big Ideas with the funds received from SC Gives. We’ll be reporting on those specifically as the year comes nearer to a close and the groups are nearer to completing their projects.

Good news from donors has continued to trickle in from the first campaign. One woman in her twenties said she was moved by the Gives program to make her first donation ever. We at SC Gives love hearing that! It’s a key goal to motivate the next generation of donors to get started and propel the act of donating into a habit. That’s why one of the awards is for “Most Donors Under 35.”

Deadline for proposals:       Wednesday, September 7
Selections will be announced:       September 28-30

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