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Santa Cruz, What?!

SANTA CRUZ, CA - December 23, 2020

By Jeanne Howard

Last night Santa Cruz Gives hit its OMG goal — its higher of two goals we set each year! $600,000! In all of the five past years of this campaign, December 31st has been the largest day for donations, so we’ll see if that trend continues.

One sweet surprise in mid-December was a check that came in the mail for $5,000. It was a cashier’s check with a note that said, “Thanks for your kindness.” There was no contact information and no agency preferences. The fact that it was a cashier’s check was a good indication that the donor wants to be totally anonymous. The funds were added to matching funds, which will be shared among all nonprofits. Sending gratitude out into the airwaves to our secret donor!

The average donation is way up, too, so far. Thank you all donors and sponsors for stepping up this year. Happy holidays to all.