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Association of Faith Communities of Santa Cruz County

Organization Mission

AFC seeks to help eliminate homelessness through interfaith action. Through a network of 30+ faith communities, AFC shelters over 150 individuals annually through our Faith Community Shelter and Safe Spaces parking program, with 50% moving to permanent housing. We collect and distribute over 11,000 pairs of new socks annually and provide over 1,500 hot showers annually with our mobile shower trailer.

The hallmark of AFC’s programs has always been community. We believe every person thrives in supportive relationships. The heart of our work is bridging the gap between volunteers and participants so that all find belonging and a meaningful life of their choosing.

The Big Idea 2024:
Clothes for Our Unhoused Neighbors

AFC seeks to provide laundry services for our 150+ program participants. Every participant receives a place to sleep, one-on-one support, and housing navigation to help them make a plan to end homelessness. Accessing laundry on a regular basis is challenging for many unhoused individuals and affects hygiene, self-esteem, employment and stigmatization issues.

Please join us in helping to ensure that every person has the dignity of clean clothes. Hundreds of our volunteers also share dinner with shelter members, helping the volunteers to understand the experience of homelessness so we can move toward ending it together.

Soon we hope to develop an 8-bed family shelter by renovating space we already have that can accommodate two families at a time. Each family would receive a private room and bathroom, access to laundry and a kitchen, and case management while permanent housing is sought.

AFC was a God-given thing. It turned the most hellaciously terrible experience (homelessness) into something meaningful.

Randy, Santa Cruz, formerly unhoused shelter member