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Center for Farmworker Families

Organization Mission

The purpose of the Center for Farmworker Families is to promote awareness about the difficult life circumstances of farmworker families while proactively inspiring improvement in their financial, physical, emotional, and mental health.

We realize this purpose by engaging in the following activities:

• Promoting the educational advancement of farmworkers and their family members working in agriculture.
• Supporting projects designed to sustainably promote financial and nutritional well-being and independence.
• Examining the federal and state legal structures that govern the lives and well-being of farmworkers and advocating for and promoting changes necessary for improved livelihood and well-being.
• Research and education.

The Big Idea 2023:
Comida, Cobijas, y Cariño (Food, Blankets, and Care)

From December to April, when the berry harvest has been completed, few farmworkers work full-time hours and as a result, their income and ability to purchase basic needs such as food are compromised. Already-low wages make it difficult for most families to save for the off-season.

With your support, Comida, Cobijas, y Cariño (Food, Blankets, and Care) will be a new program that invites 20-30 members of our farmworker family constituents to participate in a monthly small-scale distribution meeting where they will not only receive food, but home goods such as blankets and bedding, cookware, and personal health items such as toiletries.

At these events, CFF will leverage existing services from partner nonprofits such as the Santa Cruz County Community Action Board, La Manzana, Cal Fresh, etc. and invite those organizations to educate farmworkers about services available to them. A representative from each farmworker family will be invited to participate in the distribution just 1-2 times yearly.

This money means help with the rent because there isn’t a lot of work right now. There aren’t many good strawberries. This will help with the rent and paying water and electricity bills.

Anonymous farmworker who received our rental assistance