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Community Life Services

Organization Mission

Our Mission:
Advancing community support and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Our Vision:
We exist to support people and relationships. We build strong communities where people are respected and valued as contributing citizens. We break down barriers to full community participation and inclusion, and transform lives by the dignity of work.

The Big Idea 2022:
Build Back Santa Cruz County

Businesses cannot find the talent, labor and employee commitment to fully recover from the pandemic. We have a solution.

Even before COVID, Community Life Services supported adults with disabilities to prepare and join the workforce — and we haven’t stopped. Currently, we have 25 individuals looking for meaningful work in our community.

We seek your donations to fund a temporary, dedicated, part-time Employment Specialist to focus on outreach, engagement, networking, and training with local businesses to provide employee matches of all abilities and prepare and diversify their workforce as we build back our local economy and include everyone.

Together, we can build back our local economy because the dignity of work can transform lives.

I lost my job because of COVID. Community Life Services helped me. Now I have my dream job because they didn't give up on me.

G. Deaver upon getting hired in 2021 at a local Santa Cruz business

We Did It!

The 2021 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2022!