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Digital NEST

Organization Mission

Digital NEST provides underserved Latinx youth with the skills, resources, and network to build confidence and launch successful careers.

Our goal is to provide Watsonville NEST’s 2,707 members with economic mobility by providing them with the skill sets, network, and empowerment they need to attain their professional dreams.

The Big Idea 2023:
Watsonville Youth Workforce Development Program

Digital NEST Watsonville is a community-driven career development center for primarily Latinx youth that provides free technology skills, skills training, paid internships, and networking opportunities with professionals.

Digital NEST members have access to technology and a safe space and are given training in essential workplace skills, all at no cost.Through our paid internship program, members who excel can build professional portfolios while working with real clients and growing their professional skills. They will enter the workforce with a competitive edge. We connect members to internships with partners in industry and education and provide mentoring opportunities through our annual NEST Flight conference.

We strengthen regional economic vitality, connecting talented youth to future employers in tech.

I knew the NEST was somewhere I wanted to be because it provided great opportunities and it sets you up with the right people. They have a staff who have your best interests in mind and really want you to succeed. The NEST helped me get to where I am today because they exposed me and taught me the skills necessary to succeed in my current job — and with anything I do. They took me to events, introduced me to the right people, taught me how to network, and taught me these skills that ultimately landed me a job. They’ve been really helpful in my progress.

Alex Chavez, Santa Cruz