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Grey Bears

Organization Mission

Grey Bears improves the health and well-being of seniors and our community through food distribution, volunteerism, resource conservation and recycling.

The Big Idea 2023:
Engage at Every Age

If these past three years of pandemic, economic hardship and fire recovery have reminded us of anything, it’s that we take care of each other as we age, especially in difficult times. Grey Bears has always believed the more adversity we face as a community, the stronger we become. This year, we will reach even deeper into our community to ensure all those who need us – seniors, veterans and farmworker families – receive our healthy food and meal deliveries, ways to socially connect, and access to recycling, thrift store, medical supplies, clothing, computers, books and other basic needs.

Together with you, hundreds of amazing volunteers, generous donors and community partners, we are stronger and engaged at every age.

This year, with 65,000 hours of service from 700 volunteers, we will:
– Deliver 1.7 million lbs. of food to 5,000 residents
– Distribute 1.2 million lbs. of groceries daily rescued from 24 markets, bakeries, orchards and gardens
– Serve 40,000 fresh, locally prepared meals
– Repurpose 1,500 tons of household items
– Divert 7,000 tons of recycling & organics from landfills

Because of your weekly brown bag I am eating produce again. I plan meals around the contents. Thank you so much for this service. It has helped me live a better life.

DJ, Soquel, age 61