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Hope Services

Organization Mission

Hope’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

We serve more than 350 adults and teens in Santa Cruz County annually. Our seven programs emphasize vocational development and community participation. From a mobile work group for clients interested in working on crews, to job training and placement, to a mental health program offering case management and psychiatric services, Hope Services is a leader in providing innovative programming to local clients.

Four program sites in Watsonville, Aptos and Santa Cruz are available to residents countywide. We lead with initiatives that develop society’s understanding that the world is a better place when people with disabilities are integrated and accepted in all aspects of our culture.

The Big Idea:
From Hope to Home™ Remote learning for adults and teens with developmental and intellectual disabilities

To keep our clients connected to programming that has had to close during the pandemic, Hope Services is transitioning to our new remote learning service: From Hope to Home™. We are requesting funds to equip 50 clients with laptops and tablets to access live, interactive, daily online programming with our staff so that this vulnerable population will not experience isolation.

It is vital to provide programs in which individuals with disabilities can develop social connections, learn, develop their interests, and find meaningful engagement through employment and other endeavors — just like the general population. Individuals with disabilities are at much higher risk for chronic loneliness than the general population. Without Hope’s programs, families would have no place for their developmentally disabled loved ones to go.

I appreciate everything Hope Services has done for me in helping me deal with a potential COVID-19 exposure. I am grateful for my team, and Hope, and happy to be back in my apartment and work. I need to learn more about Covid-19 and how to be safe.

Sara Reed, Santa Cruz