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Meals on Wheels

Organization Mission

Our family of 10 programs delivers essential services, provides equitable access to resources and advocates for health and dignity across every stage of life. Community Bridges is the leading nonprofit agency addressing poverty in our county. Our programs serve 20 sites and meet the needs of more than 17,000 local children, families, and seniors each year.

The Big Idea 2022:
Meals on Wheels Breakfast Project

The Meals on Wheels program proposes an essential breakfast meals project for older adults and seniors who otherwise would not have access to critical balanced nutrition due to lack of resources. With your donations, we would provide ready-made, high-nutrient-dense meals for community members in need.

Our free breakfasts are particularly crucial for older adults during this continuing public health crisis and uncertain economy, and vital to support not only the health of participants, but also to reduce the stress of the cost of transportation.

What would have been just another day for me was considerably brightened and I thank the Meals on Wheels program for remembering me when I needed to be cared for.

Martha, a Meals on Wheels participant, Santa Cruz

We Did It!

The 2021 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2022!