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The 418 Project

Organization Mission

The 418 Project builds diverse and equitable community in Santa Cruz and beyond by fostering physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in an atmosphere centered upon collaboration and creative expression through dance and movement art.

The Big Idea 2023:
A New Home for Art and Artists

As Santa Cruz becomes the second most expensive place to live in the US, The 418 Project is keeping our town accessible and affordable for the many working artists who make their homes here. With incredible faith from our supporters, we were able to purchase a building downtown! Now we are able to provide affordable teaching, work and performance spaces to literally thousands of artists from underserved groups. Your gift keeps artists in town and keeps Santa Cruz vibrant.

Of course I have benefitted from facilitating salsa nights at The 418 Project! I have made a bunch of new friends, connections and it has opened my world of dance. I believe continuing to be a part of the community, in return, makes me a better person.

Javier R., 37, Aptos