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Village Santa Cruz County

Organization Mission

Village Santa Cruz County (The Village) is a nonprofit, peer-to-peer support network, transforming how we age in our communities, through connection with others. We value aging as a meaningful stage of life in which growth, social connections, learning, and activity continue to flourish.

Area-based Community Circles provide a venue where members can develop trusted, supportive relationships, helping each other, socializing, and learning from each other. Village-wide Interest Groups provide a setting for members to pursue specific interests within small groups.

The Big Idea 2024:
Increase Educational Presentations and Discussion Opportunities

Village Santa Cruz County is the only program in the County that combines social, educational, and service needs, and interacts with seniors at the neighborhood level. We learn from each other and from experts in the aging field. Village members identify and build activities around specific wishes and needs in their geographic area. The Village runs on volunteerism and a sliding-scale membership fee. Outreach into diverse communities requires in-depth discussions to understand cultural differences and challenges.

We’d like to improve our educational outreach program, to include more facilitated discussion. We must meet the needs of our county’s cultural/ethnic diversity. We are asking for your support to raise money for bilingual and culturally experienced presenters/facilitators on topics affecting older adults, particularly in south county. What can we learn from the experts and each other? How can this knowledge help us support one another as we age?

I'm an 86-year-old woman who lives alone with my dog. My three children live out of state. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and was unable to drive or walk the dog. Village members brought groceries, walked the dog and maintained contact with me. Then, I dislocated my shoulder. A village member cared for my dog for several days and picked me up from the hospital. I don’t know what I would do without Village Santa Cruz County.

Dede Carroll, Aptos