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Wings Homeless Advocacy

Organization Mission

Wings Homeless Advocacy is committed to living out our values of compassion, dignity and respect for all people by uniting our community to be volunteer advocates for those moving out of homelessness and onto a path of healing. Before Wings formed 10 years ago, Santa Cruz County’s unhoused neighbors often weren’t able to provide for their own basic housing needs, even after they secured a place to live. Wings has identified the greatest unmet needs and trains volunteers to address those needs by providing the following services: delivery of move-in kits; transportation to appointments; help moving; and assistance in obtaining vital documents necessary to get housing and employment.

The Big Idea 2023:

Getting into housing for the first time in years is a huge achievement. But even after someone finally has a door to lock and make them feel safe, they may not have all the essentials for daily life. They might not have what they need to cook or brush their teeth or lie down on a comfortable bed. When people have what they need to be successful in their new space, they have a better chance of staying housed.

Working with case managers from over 20 different County agencies, Wings dispatches volunteers to deliver beds, bedding, and baskets of household and hygiene supplies to people exiting homelessness and moving into permanent housing. Wings serves families, veterans, seniors, and victims of domestic violence—helping each household stabilize and heal as they transition into a new phase in life. Wings volunteers see that they are making a difference in their community, one household at a time.

Wings has no building expenses. And by coordinating 50 volunteers, the group leverages the power of community in action.

I want to thank everyone involved for assisting Dorothy with her move in. I know she is thrilled to have permanent housing after so long being unhoused and your kind delivery of both beds and assorted household items was such an encouraging support and reminder to Dorothy that she is safe and can begin to live in peace and hope.

David R., Case Manager