2019 Application GIVE through
December 31

Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County

Organization Mission

The Conflict Resolution Center offers affordable, accessible mediation and mediator training to residents of Santa Cruz County. Our programs address conflict at all stages—from prevention to intervention—in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and courts. We provide effective alternatives to litigation, hostility, and violence.

Through respectful dialogue, participants create their own mutually beneficial solutions. We believe that by building relationships and understanding between people, we help create more peaceful and safe communities.

The Big Idea:
Peaceful Engagement

Starting the new 2019 year fresh, CRC will embark on a community-wide engagement campaign to promote the use of peaceful dialogue through facilitation, mediation, and education. We will organize monthly community events to bring people together and have difficult conversations on topics that matter. We hope you will join us!

In cases where parties might find themselves in court, we offer free or affordable mediation service that greatly reduce overall costs, hassle, and most important, unnecessary and prolonged animosity that can cause lasting, unpleasant community relations. From neighbor disputes over fences, to divorce, to landlord-tenant issues, and parent-teen challenges, CRC mediation can be the ideal choice because both sides will be facilitated into an agreement that is suitable for both, leaving hostile situations out of the picture.

CRC also facilitates a restorative and healing dialogue between victims and offenders.

 I didn’t know how many people we impacted. I’m glad I learned how we impacted his (the victim) life and the community. He wanted to hear what we had to say and wasn’t rude to us. I think this will help me make better choices.

Offender’s name withheld

From our recent Victim-Offender Dialogue Program