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Dientes Community Dental Care

Organization Mission

Dientes is on a mission to create lasting oral health for underserved children and adults.

As the largest dental care provider in Santa Cruz County, Dientes provides preventative dental care and affordable treatment for over 16,000 people living in poverty. For more than 30 years, Dientes has worked hard to ensure that cost, insurance, income, language, and transportation don’t prevent people from visiting the dentist.

The Big Idea 2024:
Dignity through Dentistry — Affordable Care for All

It’s an unfortunate reality that wealth often dictates health. Dientes is committed to providing vital dental care for families with low incomes so kids can focus on school instead of a toothache, adults can make good first impressions with a healthy smile, and seniors can comfortably eat nutritious foods.

For thousands here in Santa Cruz County, dental care is simply out of reach—and cost is often the biggest constraint. Not only does lack of access to care impact physical health, but your smile affects self-esteem and confidence. Our program offers subsidized, affordable sliding scale fees and free care to your neighbors who need it most.

Your support is critical to help build a community where uninsured patients have the dignity that comes with a healthy smile.

Finding dental care can be difficult to nonexistent. Dientes was a game changer. They helped me improve my overall health and pursue my goals without being in any pain. Dientes' care allowed me to go out in the world confidently. It allowed me to be seen and be heard.

Jennifer, Watsonville, California