2019 Application GIVE through
December 31

Downtown Streets Team

Organization Mission

Downtown Streets Team is ending homelessness by restoring dignity and rebuilding lives of  men and women. Serving the community through work teams prepares members for permanent employment and housing.

The Big Idea:
Santa Cruz Downtown Streets Team

DST Team Members, all of whom are homeless or at risk of homelessness, volunteer 20 hours per week in Santa Cruz, cleaning and mitigating litter on streets, in parks, on the river and beaches from Main to North County. With support from Santa Cruz Gives, DST will be able to support Team Members with basic needs stipends—gift cards that ensure Team Members have the means to purchase food, medication, transportation passes and more.

DST provides wrap-around support services from case management and employment readiness supports to interview clothes, training certifications and stipends. $3,000 would pay for 14% of our SC Team Members stipends for 1 year.

I have been homeless since 2015. I was a heavy addict, spent time in jail and had no hope for a productive future. April of 2017 I went on a hitchhiking trip from West Coast to East Coast and back to the West Coast. During that time I quit using and found the Downtown Streets Team. Through DST, I found hope and a future. I have a valid driver license again and am employed with the City of Santa Cruz. These things I would not have accomplished on my own. DST has provided me a new start and helped me gain better perspective on life and my capabilities.

Jennette Lian, Santa Cruz