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December 31

Farm Discovery at Live Earth

Organization Mission

We empower youth and families to sustain healthy food, farming, social and natural systems by teaching farming skills, transforming food habits, and developing environmental literacy and stewardship. The goal is for each individual to form a relationship with food that supports personal, community and environmental health.

The Big Idea:
Summer Farm Camp Scholarships for Youth

Farm Discovery will provide scholarships, leadership training and summer jobs for 50 local, low-income youth from all parts of the county, in collaboration with the DHC. Our project hopes to address that in the last two years, nearly 40% of patients served by the Diabetes Health Center of Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust were under 20 years old and 88% had a primary diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity.

The summer camps take place on Live Earth Farm’s 150-acre working organic farm, riparian corridor, oak and redwood forest in the Pajaro Valley. The farm fields, animal pens and kitchen classroom provide a perfect setting for positively transforming young people’s relationship to food and the environment as they learn about the importance of caring for their bodies, the environment and their community.

Campers, Leaders in Training (LIT) and Junior Staff plant, pick, preserve and prepare fresh produce; save seeds; make compost; and create healthy snacks, learning real skills to improve health.


My niece, Michelle, is much more interested in planting and baking. She has been working with her grandfather to plant in their little garden-something she never took interest in before. Also has been requesting to bake more, especially the zucchini bread, she made at camp.

Nancy V.R. (Jr. Staff), 22, about her niece Michelle (camper), 6