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Farm Discovery at Live Earth

Organization Mission

Farm Discovery at Live Earth empowers youth and families to build and sustain healthy food, farming, social and natural systems.

On our organic farm youth learn to grow and prepare healthy, plant- based foods from the field to the table. We provide year-round opportunities for people of all ages to learn and to participate in a sustainable food system. We believe we can transform personal and community health and improve our impact on earth by building and sustaining collaborative agricultural, ecological and social systems.

The Big Idea:
COVID Relief: Organic Produce Distribution

Farm Discovery is still providing outdoor education to children in response to the pandemic and fire-related hardship, and we are also distributing organic produce to locations across the county. We hope to assist other farms as well in reducing hunger, health problems related to diet, and food waste in our community.

We have donated 24,000 lbs. (12 tons) of produce for 24 weeks since April and are continuing every week. An average of 25 lbs. of produce feeds a family of four for one week — therefore, we feed about 40 families per week. With your support, we can continue and grow this on into 2021, keeping our cost to only $1.30/lb. of produce, which covers the produce and all labor to keep the project going.

We divert excess produce through partners to farmworkers, families, kids, homeless and seniors. (Three main partners: PV Loaves & Fishes, Community Bridges TAY program, Holy Cross Food Pantry and additional agencies upon request, including Santa Cruz City Schools.)

Our role during the pandemic is to provide one of the primary tools of good health: fresh, healthy, local food.

This is my son’s second year attending Farm Discovery and I find he comes out with much more confidence in himself. When he sees me eat what he brings home it gives him so much joy. When he sees me use the things he makes it makes him stop in his tracks and say 'You're using my salt (made with herbs from the farm) — thanks, Mamma.'

Jackie Barbosa, Watsonville, mother of a six-year-old 2020 Farm Camp full scholarship recipient