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Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries

Organization Mission

The Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries support the Santa Cruz City-County Library System through fundraising, volunteer services, and advocacy. A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization since 1979, FSCPL has supported the libraries’ role in serving underserved communities, county residents, students, families, and lifelong learners. We support the library through fundraising, advocacy, and promoting volunteerism. Our priorities are fundraising for the library system, support for our chapters, fostering local involvement for branches without Chapters, and accessible and diverse library programs.

The Big Idea 2023:
Recover and Thrive

Santa Cruz County families are beginning the 2022-23 school year with anticipation and worry. The start of the academic year usually brings renewed effort to build on past learning and experience. This year is different: we’ve had two pandemic years of reduced achievement because there was less opportunity to learn.

The Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (FSCPL) is launching a year-long fundraising initiative called RECOVER and THRIVE. We will identify and support increased opportunities to learn at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries through both proven and innovative means.

2020-2022 has shown that PreK-12 students need library materials AND they need in-person experiences and hands-on learning accessible regardless of language/culture, ability to pay, or access to the internet/computers. FSCPL will build on its accomplishments and partnerships to provide opportunities that will allow students to begin their school year in September 2023 as a true continuation of learning

What a wonderful opportunity you all presented for these young people! Aside from animation… I believe that (my son) specifically learned the value of persistence, hard work, collaboration, getting guidance when necessary and these lessons are truly priceless.

Anonymous Parent, Capitola