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Hopes Closet

Organization Mission

To provide gently used clothing, equipment, blankets, shoes, books and toys (Bundles of Hope) to children in need in Santa Cruz County. Everyone who needs help gets it. There are no eligibility requirements to receive services.

The Big Idea:

There’s nothing like the feel of new socks and underwear to make you feel good about yourself (imagine what it would feel like to put on someone else’s used socks and underwear every day). Unfortunately, those bare necessities are not something a family in need is able to spend precious dollars on.

At Hopes Closet we believe that every child is deserving of that special feeling and our Bare Necessities project will ensure that every child we help will receive a new pair of underwear and socks in their “Bundle of Hope” bag. In addition to monetary donations that help us buy new undergarments, we will enlist community support and local youth groups for a “kids helping kids” focus to supplement our current endeavors. Because, as we all know, socks and underwear are expensive!

A local foster parent for 13 years, I have worked with Hopes Closet since its inception. Often kids who come into care show up in late at night with only the clothes on their back and no belongings, sometimes not even shoes. This organization is easily accessible, inclusive, the process is streamlined, and volunteers go out of their way to meet the needs of all who they serve.

Luanne Sidhom, Santa Cruz