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Mountain Parks Foundation

Mountain Parks

Organization Mission

We believe an informed public will ensure the preservation of the natural habitats and cultural history of our California State Parks. Interpretive and educational programs funded by Mountain Parks Foundation serve more than 1.7 million park visitors annually, including more than 200 student classes who participate in on-site, curriculum-based educational programs at Henry Cowell and Big Basin Redwoods State Parks.

The Big Idea:
Big Basin Nature Museum and Research Center

The best way to encourage the next generation to protect the natural bounty of Big Basin is to invite them to interact with it. That’s why we’re raising the funds needed to remake Big Basin’s nature museum into an immersive experience that turns spectators into active participants in conservation.

The new Nature Museum and Research Center will introduce visitors to the many endangered species in the park, allowing them to view this special place from the perspective of its inhabitants. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research being conducted in the park and contribute their own observations as “citizen scientists.” New technology will allow those who wish to connect with online resources a place to enhance their experience and deepen their knowledge. This multifaceted educational experience will have something new to offer visitors of all ages, helping to make each visit to Big Basin even more memorable.

Mountain Parks Foundation [provides funding] to educate people about the purpose of these parks, and they see the enormous value and beauty, like the fact that redwood trees are the greatest force for carbon sequestration in the world right now. They’re not only beautiful, but also really important. As a result, people are going to be more encouraged to do whatever actions are needed to protect them. It’s a way of supporting and perpetuating something that is of enormous value.