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Nourishing Generations Educational Project


Organization Mission

Nourishing Generations is dedicated to educating children, families, and people of all ages about cooking and eating a healthy, whole foods diet and enjoying regular exercise. We aim to maximize optimal health and minimize disease.

The Big Idea:
Cooking for Health

Nourishing Generations brings together chefs, nutrition educators, fitness specialists, and community members who are passionate about motivating children, teens, and adults to eat better and be more active. In recent years, we have offered our dynamic six-week series of engaging classes at one of the Mid-Peninsula Housing sites each year, but this program been so successful that we have been asked to increase our class offerings to five affordable housing communities in South Santa Cruz County in 2017.

The weekly program will consist of a healthy snack, engaging nutrition activity, hands-on cooking, fun fitness activity, and food sharing during a two-hour session. Staff prepare and present lessons such as rethinking your drink, a balanced plate, and reading nutrition labels. Nutritionists present the lessons, chefs help the children prepare healthy meals, and fitness instructors help kids have fun while moving!

“Since being involved in your program, our family’s diet has changed. We don’t eat fast food any more, we have cut way down on sugar, and we eat more vegetables. My daughter wants to cook with me every night. I made her an apron and chef hat because she loves to cook!”

— Sonia Le, Santa Cruz (her daughter, Faye, was in our SNAP Ed program at Green Acres School for two years, and Sonia was our “Parent Champion” at that school)