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Nourishing Generations

Organization Mission

Nourishing Generations Educational Project is dedicated to educating children, families, and community members of all ages about cooking and eating a healthy, whole foods diet, and enjoying regular exercise in order to maximize optimal health and minimize disease.

The Big Idea:
Getting Kids Excited About Healthy Cooking, Eating, and Moving!

Our big idea is an exciting nutrition education, hands-on cooking, and a fun fitness program for all third, fourth, and fifth graders after school at all three Live Oak District elementary schools (Live Oak, Del Mar, Green Acres).

This engaging program will get 150 kids excited about eating and cooking healthy food, empower them with knowledge about nutrition, and teach them about healthy lifestyle choices in order to lower the incidence of childhood obesity and diabetes.

A diet-related disease epidemic has taken root in Santa Cruz County, disproportionately affecting low-income and minority populations. More than 35% of low-income children and teens in Santa Cruz County are overweight or obese, and only 56% of local fifth graders meet grade-level fitness goals.

This six-week series of two-hour hands-on classes at each school is led by passionate chefs, nutrition educators, and fitness instructors.

Thank you for providing my son with the knowledge to make healthful food choices. He now reads labels when we go shopping and, although he doesn’t always choose the healthiest items, he is at least aware and chooses fewer unhealthy alternatives. You have managed to take a topic that can sometimes be dull and turn it into a fun, exciting educational opportunity.

Maria Alvarez, Santa Cruz

We Did It!

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And please come back in November, 2020!