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Rising International

Rising International

Organization Mission

To contribute to the end of extreme poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people, women, to join the global economy through our home party network. We recruit women from homeless shelters, Welfare-to-work programs, domestic violence, human trafficking survivor networks, and extended foster care programs to become social entrepreneurs and run their own Rising International direct-sales businesses.

The Big Idea:
Rising America- Entrepreneur Program for Homeless Women

We train homeless and economically vulnerable women in Santa Cruz County to run their own direct-sales businesses, selling fair trade items made by impoverished women all over the world, helping both groups to rise. In the coming year, we hope to make it easier for Santa Cruz residents to support our emerging entrepreneurs by creating a new e-commerce system and modern mobile online stores ready for customers to browse and purchase fair-trade items from local Rising Representatives.

Our local entrepreneurs earn an average of $28/hour, while increasing job skills. The new e-commerce system would give our entrepreneurs  access to the same business tools offered by for-profit giants like Avon, Tupperware and Pampered Chef and could increase their average annual earnings by 170% or more.

For 10 years I dreamed about graduate school. Without Rising I wouldn’t have fulfilled my dream. Rising’s enormous support helped change my life. I left the shelter, got a Master’s degree from a top school, and got an amazing job, helping me be independent supporting my daughter.

Elsa, Santa Cruz