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December 31

Save Our Shores

Organization Mission

To steward clean shores, healthy habitats and living waters to foster a truly thriving Monterey Bay and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

The Big Idea:
Monthly Kayak Cleanups

The sloughs, rivers, creeks and other waterways that flow into our Monterey Bay carry litter and debris. This pollution gets trapped on shores, coves and river bends until heavy rains flush it all out to sea.

Last year, Save our Shores ran a pilot program of 15 river and slough cleanups with volunteers in kayaks. We soon established that a well-run kayak cleanup is not only an enormously valuable cleanup but also a hugely enjoyable experience for participants, especially students.

We hope to raise $30,000 to make these cleanings a monthly activity at Save Our Shores. Funding will be used for planning, coordination, permitting, implementation, equipment rental and waste hauling. Please help eliminate marine debris closer to its source so it does not land on our beaches and in our Sanctuary.

A thriving Bay is essential to the well-being of every person who lives here, and is one of the most important drivers of our economy and our collective spirit.

THANK YOU all so much for your help with our Rolling Hills Beach Cleanup! Our 230 students, staff and parents had a great time! Thank you for all your help with organizing , providing materials, planning, supervising and educating our students!

Kelsey Bone, Rolling Hills, Watsonville, 6th grade teacher.