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Save Our Shores

Organization Mission

To steward clean shores, healthy habitats, and living waters, which will foster thriving marine ecosystems across our California central coast and protect the resources that make our community a most desirable place to live and visit.

The Big Idea:
3D Virtual Reality Marine Ecosystem Learning Modules for Underserved Youth

Our project takes underserved youth in middle school on an experiential 3D virtual reality dive into one of one our more of our amazing marine protected areas complete with an animated wildlife character and instructional guide.

The animated character explains why Marine Protected Areas were established, defines the different types of areas, and tells stories about the plants and animals that live in them. We received a grant to create the 3D VR experience, a lesson plan, and to pilot it in six schools and we are seeking funding to expand delivery of this program to many more schools across our community.

There will be a 2D version so we can deliver the program via distance learning. The 3D experience requires special viewing devices. The cost is $250 per class (not per school). If we raise $25,000 we can bring it to 100 classrooms throughout the county.

I want to let you know what an impact the beach cleanup and catch-and-cook competition had on our daughter Logan. She is a pretty special kid. Along with other medical issues, she has autism and ADHD, so seeing her so engaged in something larger than herself (which is a challenge for her) was amazing for her father and me. Thanks so much for the work that you do!

Shellee Martin, Monterey