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Shared Adventures

Organization Mission

Shared Adventures is dedicated to improving quality of life for those with disabilities. We believe that recreation, fun, challenge, and access to the outdoors are essential to health and fulfillment. We provide activities that enhance physical and social health of individuals living with challenges, and we are advocates in the community for the disabled population.

The community is also enriched by inclusion of this population. Our 50+ activities per year help more than 1,000 special needs individuals and their families achieve stable and healthy conditions, and integrate in jobs and schools, leading to less institutionalization, crime and drug use, and family fragmentation.

The Big Idea 2023:
Community networking and engagement

There are many agencies in Santa Cruz County that provide vital services to the disabled community. A piece that is often missing is meaningful recreational activities. This year our priority will be to connect with a wide range of agencies (including San Andreas Regional Center) to develop a network sharing activities and information, which will increase Shared Adventures participation and provide more efficiency for all agencies who produce events and more opportunities for participants and families to engage in activities.

Recreation helps individuals develop a healthy self-image, confidence and skills to move beyond imagined limitations and enjoy a life engaged in our community.

I still get tears of joy remembering the first time SA took me out in a kayak, seeing the cutest sea otters up close. When people said, "There's a sea otter," I had never been able to see them. Thank you for eye-opening and heart-opening possibilities I did not dream possible, the hard work and incredible organizing.

Willow, Santa Cruz

We Did It!

The 2022 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2023!