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Shared Adventures

Organization Mission

Shared Adventures is dedicated to improving quality of life for those with disabilities. In the belief that recreation, fun, challenge, and access to the outdoors are essential to health and fulfillment, we get people outdoors and moving beyond imagined limitations.

Approximately 2,000 individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities take part in Shared Adventures activities each year, benefiting individuals, families, and the wider community. All benefit from having individuals in stable and healthy conditions, integrated in jobs and school, leading to less institutionalization, crime and drug use, and family fragmentation.

The Big Idea:
Make Santa Cruz a Destination for Visitors with Disabilities

Shared Adventures organizes many accessible activities. Combined with the local natural and cultural amenities, our county is a prime destination for both local participants and travelers with disabilities.

Shared Adventures would like to promote the opportunities for disabled visitors to enjoy local activities by updating our 15-year-old Santa Cruz County Access Guide, a resource guide with “easy visit” plans for disabled travelers and the local disabled community alike. We will work with Visit Santa Cruz County to publicize resources such as transportation, beach accessibility, accommodations, and more.

We network with local and national organizations that serve the disabled population and will promote coordination with the timing of our activities. Tools for event and travel planners will be created for planning on their own as well.

Shared Adventures has been successful at adapting its program of activities to reduce social isolation during the pandemic. A full calendar of events is provided through Zoom, such as adaptive yoga and exercise classes, dance parties, bingo, book club, and arts and crafts — with robust participation.

Thank you so much for your kind welcome of my granddaughter Mira, along with my daughter Helen and myself today at the archery range. It is not often we have been so completely accepted and drawn into participatory activity. The archery built Mira's self-confidence and she left feeling better about herself. Thank you for all the great things you have done for this community.

Lauren S., Scotts Valley