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Shared Adventures


Organization Mission

Founded on the belief that recreation, challenge, fun and access to the outdoors are essential parts of a fulfilling life, Shared Adventures is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with disabilities.

We create opportunities for social and recreational interaction that encourage:

  • Personal growth and self-confidence
  • Cooperation, decision-making, and leadership skills
  • Outdoor skills and environmental awareness
  • Increased level of happiness

The Big Idea:
Day on the Beach

2017 is the 25th anniversary of Day on the Beach, the foundational event of the Shared Adventures program, so we hope to make this one truly memorable. We organize this day to create an opportunity for disabled individuals to participate in ocean sports such as kayaking, outrigger canoeing, and SCUBA diving, as well as cruising in the sand on beach wheelchairs. Approximately 6,000 square feet of plywood on frames will be constructed over Cowell Beach to enable those with mobility issues to travel over the sand all the way to the water.

More than 120 children and adults with disabilities will experience an ocean sport, while hundreds more join in for the festivities. For the day, a city on the beach comes alive with live music, free food, and beach games for all to enjoy.

The impact of this event is immense. Many who have physical and mental challenges rarely have the chance to cross over the sand to the water, something that able-bodied people have constant access to. By offering this event in a safe, accessible environment, individuals are able to forget any obstacles they may have and be free to enjoy the beauty of our coast from a new perspective.

I was a participant in this year’s day at the beach. I am a Navy veteran with what some say are hidden wounds. Thank you for bringing me back to life today. As I was out on the kayak my tears leaked out. I was reminded why I joined the Navy — my love of the ocean! Thanks to you and the volunteers that helped to reawaken that lost spirit and for reconnecting me to what I had buried long ago.

— P.K. (Anonymous)