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Special Parents Information Network


Organization Mission

SPIN helps children with special needs achieve their full potential by empowering their families and the professionals who serve them through information, support and resources.

When someone feels they are the only one going through the experience of raising a child with special needs, it can be debilitating. The moment they feel they are not alone, a huge burden is lifted in a way that has been described as miraculous. SPIN helps families maintain a healthy outlook on life while living with a child with special needs. This is done through various programs, including parent support groups in English and Spanish, educational training, a resource library and networking opportunities.

The Big Idea:
Mentor Parent Program for Parents of Children with Disabilities

The Mentor Parent Program matches parents who are dealing with a child’s disability — whether it is physical, cognitive, developmental, medical, learning, neurobehavioral, or emotional — with volunteer “veteran” parents, or mentors, who have traveled a similar journey.

There can be medical, emotional, financial, and social issues that impact an entire family. SPIN mentors are experienced with what can be an overwhelming and isolating experience. It is a profound contribution to receive emotional support and information to new parents embarking on a difficult journey.

When my brother was born with a disability and my mom doesn’t speak English, it was so difficult to communicate all our concerns. SPIN really came through for us in so many ways, and continues to be there. We know we are not alone and for that my mom would like to say “Muchas Gracias SPIN”!

— Nancy Chavez, Watsonville