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Tandy Beal and Company

Tandy Beal and Co

Organization Mission

Tandy Beal & Company develops and produces creative projects that enrich the cultural, educational, and artistic life of the community. We support established artists, develop emerging artists, and unite the community through the wonder of dance, theater, music, and circus presented in concerts, workshops, arts education and innovative outreach.

The Big Idea:
ArtSmart: Inspiring Music and Dance Concerts + Residencies

What if empathy were cultivated in our schools through world dance, music and circus? What if we could eliminate boredom and offer reasons to explore a life that has wonder—a wonder more fascinating than TV or buying stuff? How do we inspire kids to be curious about the world beyond themselves? How many ways are there to be right? How do we integrate mind, body and spirit—and do it with joy?

ArtSmart is an arts education program for youth, families, teachers and artists, with concerts by award-winning multicultural artists (both public and in schools); 8-12-week dance residencies in schools; and professional development for artists and teachers.

Children when given the opportunity to use art to problem-solve through creative collaboration often find their own voices, listen to others respectfully, and engage in learning.


This is what teaching and learning is all about: providing our children with a larger world of possibilities. Without a doubt, ArtSmart enriches the curriculum, motivates students, fosters self-confidence… I give my deepest appreciation to TBC for these astounding gifts of artistic wonder.

Sylvia Mendez, Ann Soldo Principal