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Warming Center Program


Organization Mission

We’ve taken a strong stand to reduce and end hypothermia for those who sleep outside. On the coldest and wettest nights of the year, Warming Center Program provides a warm, safe place to sleep for anyone who needs it and can adhere to a simple set of rules.

The program serves a large unmet need in the county, and includes an activation alert system, a community awareness campaign, several site locations, a large stock of floor pads, clean bedding, volunteer coordination, an emergency phone hotline, a shuttle van and shuttle stops, soup and coffee all night, and a small breakfast.

The Big Idea:
Shuttle & Soup Stop and Warming Center Program Awareness

Loss of Homeless Service Center’s drop-in emergency shelter and the traditional location of the Winter Shelter at the Armory, means Warming Center Program will work to expand capacity this winter, using different locations throughout the winter.

A centrally located pop-up Shuttle & Soup Stop is set up when the shelter is activated. The population of people who sleep outside, as well as the community-at-large, need to be aware of it and know how and when they can access it.

We need resources for an emergency hotline, printed materials, banners and street signs, print advertising, street team outreach, structural elements, food heating and serving, and shuttle pickups that occur until 2:30 am.

You probably saved my life when the shuttle came and woke me up in the doorway. My blanket and clothes were soaked and I had the shivers. In the morning you gave me clean clothes. You probably saved my life.

— “Tiger,” 58, Santa Cruz