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December 31

Warming Center Program

Organization Mission

Warming Center Program develops and operates programs that address the gaps in meeting basic needs that result from homelessness that are not provided by other funding sources (government and other organizations).

Programs include our Warming Center, a coldest and wettest nights shelter to eliminate the occurrence of hypothermia and death; and the Day & Night Storage Program to reduce the items people who sleep outside must carry at all times.

The Big Idea:
Day & Night Storage Program (for homeless persons’ belongings)

The problem:

Homeless people carry bedding, clothing and other items 24/7, limiting their ability to move freely without a visual identifier of homelessness. This can trap individuals into a mindset difficult to emerge from. They are unable to carry the number of items they need, especially in winter, and possessions are usually the only value they hold. Belongings left unattended can be stolen or confiscated by city workers. They also create visual blight and can be an environmental hazard.

Our solution:

A safe, organized, cost-efficient program to reduce the belongings people who sleep outside must carry.

Our new program provides 20-60 gallons of space in a managed, locked facility near a nexus of homeless foot traffic. People will sign a Client Agreement that states there are no perishables; no wet or damp items; no illegal items; items must belong to the client, etc.

The facility opens twice-daily: 7-9am + 5-7pm. Please help us sustain and expand this program!


I got two part-time jobs, at Whitings Foods and Taco Bell because I was able to leave my backpacks and sleeping bag here. I’m not carrying everything anymore. I’m saving money and taking better care of myself. This has changed everything for me!

Name withheld for confidentiality