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Warming Center Program

Organization Mission

To reduce the experience of hypothermia and the occurrence of death within the population of people who sleep outside; to identify the basic unmet needs of homelessness; and to create and operate programs to meet those needs.

Warming Center programs not provided by funding sources such as government and other organizations include:
• Day & Night Storage — keeps personal belongings safe and reduces the items people must carry around
• Laundry Weekly — allows people to maintain their clothing and hygiene
• Shower Sunday — the longest and hottest shower for those who sleep outside

The Big Idea:
Footbridge Homeless Services Center

After several years of offering a homeless shelter, Warming Center Program asked, “What are other unmet needs of homelessness?” A list of needs became clear:

— storage for homeless persons’ belongings
— a laundry and shower program
— electrical device charging bays
— a robust donation program where people can access blankets, clothing and hygiene supplies.

We’re finally bringing all of this together and locating it along a nexus of homeless foot and bike traffic near other service programs. Our work benefits the individual and the community by reducing crime and environmental degradation, and offers people an easier path towards normalcy.

This is exactly what has been needed for so many years. My stuff was always getting stolen. I had to carry everything with me and it was embarrassing and tiring. The storage and laundry have made my life better and I like to visit you a lot.

Julisa Diaz