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Warming Center Program

United Services Brent Adams Warming Center

Organization Mission

Our mission is to support the population of people who sleep outside by offering a safe, clean and dignifying space indoors on the coldest and wettest nights, thereby reducing hypothermia and death.

We focus directly on the needs of people who sleep outside, such as a program to receive and disperse blankets, jackets and warm clothing, and we’ll operate a personal belongings storage program in December.

The Big Idea:
Physical Mobility and Personal Care Challenges Program

There are people with physical mobility challenges who have difficulty accessing shelters when they most need it. They are often the most medically vulnerable, and can be found sleeping outside and in doorways despite existing shelter beds. Some rarely access showers or laundry services and can smell so badly that they alienate others while in a shelter. Some have been barred from shelters in the past, leaving them to sleep outside when it freezes.

Warming Center Program has made people with physical mobility and personal care challenges a priority, on our shuttle and in our shelter. The shuttle roves the community, bringing in anyone who didn’t make it on an earlier round. We are developing a personal care program so that everyone may feel clean and fresh as they lay down to sleep.

As we are mostly all-volunteer and community funded, we need your help to establish and maintain this important work. Last winter, we utilized more than one hundred volunteers from all walks of life who came together to staff the shelter.

Warming Center Program probably saved my life. You found me when i couldn’t make it in the rain to your shuttle pick-up spot and then you gave me a dry change of clothes and fed me. I was soaked and freezing. I slept better with you that night than I have all year. Whatever I can do to help this project, i will. The community needs to support you more.

Mark Remington