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Watsonville Wetlands Watch

Organization Mission

To preserve, restore, and foster the appreciation of the wetlands of the Pajaro Valley.

The Big Idea:
Watsonville Urban Forest Revitalization

Watsonville’s urban forest canopy is much smaller than what a city of its size needs to support residents, wildlife, and water quality in the freshwater wetlands that underlie the city.

The solution: plant trees. Watsonville Wetlands Watch was inspired by Watsonville’s 2012 Urban Greening Plan, which called for planting 30,000 new trees, and we partnered with the city to restore the area’s wetlands, urban forests, and watersheds.

This work can improve the water quality of the Monterey Bay, save an important ecosystem, and enhance the public health of the Watsonville community.

Our project is part of our major new education and action initiative that involves planting new trees at schools, parks, and on bicycle and walking trails throughout the slough system during community watershed restoration events. We’ll incorporate art, music, and education to inspire locals about Watsonville’s urban forests. The trees will help shade and cool schools, improve access to nature, and provide opportunities for youth to take leadership roles in restoring the forest.

Our wetlands support tremendous biological diversity, including 275 resident and migratory bird species and 23 native plants and animals that are threatened, endangered, or species of special concern. Coastal wetlands have recently been shown to play a vital role in countering the effects of climate change.

A friend brought me to a tree planting event last year at Ramsay Park and I love going back to visit my tree. These projects are important for Watsonville as they encourage the whole community to take care of our city and wetlands.

Jocelyn, Watsonville, 16

We Did It!

The 2019 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2020!