2019 Application GIVE through
December 31

Watsonville Wetlands Watch

Organization Mission

We are dedicated to the protection, restoration, and appreciation of the wetlands of the Pajaro Valley, and to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders. The wetlands sustain more than 250 species of birds and 23 species of native plants and animals that are threatened or endangered.

The Big Idea:
Wetland Wonders 5th Grade Program

A new model for science learning and hands-on, outdoor learning for students are hallmarks of our new wetland exploration program. It’s designed to support the 5 E’s learning cycle of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate, and Next Generation Science Standards.

The program supports Pajaro Valley Unified School District in taking the lead on the new learning model where teachers and environmental educators work together to increase environmental literacy with full integration into classroom curriculum. This inquiry-based program gives students not only information, but the tools to discover the wetlands for themselves.

We also offer an afterschool program, environmental careers education, a watershed conservation program, data collection and monitoring of the wetlands’ health, community restoration, trail reconstruction and maintenance, docent training, and more. Please join us in introducing more students to the wonders of the natural world!

I started to appreciate the environment as a student in the Wetland Stewards program. I’m in an AA degree program in Biology at Cabrillo College and want to transfer to a local university to get my degree in Environmental Science. I want to teach people to conserve and enjoy the environment the way I was taught by Watsonville Wetlands Watch.

Rodrigo Garcia, Watsonville.