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Game on: 2020 Santa Cruz Gives Campaign Begins

Keep in mind that your donations are efficient because Santa Cruz Gives is largely a volunteer effort. There are no costs for salaries, rent or other overhead expenses. The only costs are for the crowdfunding website, bookkeeping, and payment processing fees. Further good news is that the campaign is beginning with more matching funds than last year, in spite of the economic challenges of 2020. Our community can be grateful to the sponsors who provide these matching funds and other free services to administer the program. 2020 sponsors are:

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, The Applewood Fund, The Joe Collins Fund, Santa Cruz County Bank, Thomas Wynn Capital Management, Oswald Restaurant, The Pajaronian, and the Press Banner. Good Times and the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County are the presenting sponsors and provide much of the heavy lifting in media exposure, fundraising expertise, graphic design, donated staff time (this is a large contribution), and administration.

It's probably no surprise that nearly all of the local nonprofit applicants are experiencing an increase in demand for services, a decrease in the number of paid staff, and a decrease in the number of volunteers. In most cases there are willing volunteers, but the facilities of many nonprofits cannot accommodate as many due to distancing and PPE requirements. A lack of funding has influenced staff cuts, but dedicated staffers are working extra hard and are mostly managing to fulfill increased needs. These hardworking groups are doing more with less and can really use our support.

Another positive result of zoom and online education is that many in need who were kept from participating in nonprofit programs because of a lack of transportation or due to limitations of facility space can now join in and benefit. 

Let’s hope that we all experience a big, fat silver lining in this difficult time, and that the Santa Cruz Gives campaign is part of that.