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Local Businesses Donate to Santa Cruz Gives

By Jeanne Howard

Two local businesses recently offered their services to support Santa Cruz Gives. We will look into creating an online auction so that more businesses who would like to contribute to local nonprofits can do so more easily next year. Their time, labor and materials costs are valuable.

Clutch Courier printed beautiful posters for Santa Cruz Gives. If you need their services, they print posters, flyers and cards, and can distribute them to sites that accept postings for the public. They use bicycles or low-emissions cargo vehicles to deliver printed materials, and also have courier services for package deliveries, and legal services such as court filings (e-filing or paper), service of process, mobile Notary Public, document and permit retrievals from government offices. Thank you, Michael!

eyeCatchLight Photography — Simone A Winkler, PhD, offered a custom portrait session to a donor to Santa Cruz Gives. Simone offers photography for families, weddings, newborns, headshots, real estate, and can help with mounting in a variety of ways for display at home or in the office. Her gorgeous work and complete services can be viewed at her site, eyecatchlight.com. Thank you, Simone!