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Santa Cruz Gives 2019 by the Numbers

By Jeanne Howard


Total raised in six weeks: $413,161

Percentage of growth in total funds over 2018: 74.5%

Percentage of growth in the previous year (2018 over 2017): 22%

Number of donors: 1,022

Percentage of growth in number of donors in 2019 over 2018: 48%

Largest donation: $20,000

Largest donation by a millennial: $20,000

Average number of millennial donors nationally: 5% of total donors

Average number of millennial donors to Santa Cruz Gives: 25% of total donors

Percentage of donors that accounted for more than half the funds: 33%

Percentage of growth in matching funds in 2019 over 2018: 91%

If numbers make you dizzy, the point is: every metric was up significantly.

Nonprofit organizations have various ways of slicing and dicing data to help determine the effectiveness of programs, but all agree that it's hard to get the attention of new donors amid the hum of busyness in most of our lives. Many nonprofits in our community are on the leading edge of effectiveness. They evolve to meet changing needs, innovate, and achieve impressive results. They have great stories.

Organizations participating in Santa Cruz Gives report a high number of new donors thanks to the platform that makes it easy for local donors to learn about some of this good work, give and give confidently.

If you were a donor, thank you!