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BirchBark Foundation

Organization Mission

BirchBark protects and honors the human-animal bond by providing financial assistance to vulnerable families faced with unaffordable veterinary expenses, and by supporting all families through our education and pet loss counseling programs.

The Big Idea 2024:
Save a Pet

When a pet has a health crisis with a good prognosis, the unique love of a family animal must never be lost simply due to cost. BirchBark will provide stability to families faced with fixable, but unaffordable, urgent veterinary care.

Our goal is to provide healing love and save the lives of 100 pets with Santa Cruz Gives donor funds. Hundreds of people will benefit, because most households have one to six people. In addition, we help our veterinary partners, who often must euthanize pets and are extremely affected emotionally when clients do not have financial resources to save their animals’ lives.

Santa Cruz County has a population of 273,000 with an estimated 60,000 dogs, and likely as many cats. There are 45 veterinary premise licenses in the county, and 246 veterinarians licensed. We estimate that 25%, or 30,000 pets, are owned by seniors, low-income families, or marginalized populations.

The compassion and dedication demonstrated by the BirchBark Foundation left an indelible mark on our hearts. Your organization's commitment to helping families in need, like ours, is truly commendable.

Josh D. , Boulder Creek