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Community Bridges

Organization Mission

Community Bridges envisions a thriving community where every person has the opportunity to unleash their full potential. We believe that when we work together, anything is possible.

Our family of 10 vital programs across 20 sites meets the needs of nearly 20,000 local children, families, and seniors each year with essential services, equitable access to resources, and as advocates for health and dignity across every stage of life.

The Big Idea:
Food Stability for Homeless Seniors

In 2017, 39% of homeless people in Santa Cruz County were over the age of 50, and 70% of homeless deaths were people over the age of 50. For the past five years, Meals on Wheels (MOW) for Santa Cruz County, a program of Community Bridges, has seen an increase in homeless senior participants at Louden Nelson Community Center.

While MOW has been providing meals five days per week to eligible older adults (more than 650 warm, nutritious meals per week), to address food insecurity among the vulnerable homeless population, we have begun to assemble weekend meal packs that provide at least two nutritious meals.

We are asking Santa Cruz Gives donors to join MOW efforts in ensuring that no senior goes hungry, and support our goal to ensure that homeless seniors attending Louden Nelson will have nutritious meals on the weekends in 2020.

Funding will provide participants two shelf-stable meals — meals they will not be able to receive otherwise because most dining facilities are closed on weekends.

Meals on Wheels helps me survive as I am a homeless veteran, 71 years old. Thank you.


We Did It!

The 2019 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2020!