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Community Bridges

Organization Mission

Together, our family of 10 programs delivers essential services, provides equitable access to resources, and advocates for health and dignity across every stage of life. As Community Bridges is the premier nonprofit agency addressing poverty in our county, our programs serve 20 sites and meet the needs of more than 17,000 local children, families, and seniors each year.

The Big Idea:
Disaster Resource Relief for Impacted Families

Your donation will ensure that Community Bridges’ Family Resource Collective can continue to provide direct financial and resource relief to families and individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the CZU Lightning Complex Fire.

The four resource centers located in Live Oak, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and the San Lorenzo Valley provide cash aid for rental assistance and groceries, and assistance with accessing public benefits, FEMA disaster relief, and affordable legal services. These services are provided at no charge to low-income and undocumented households ineligible for government relief, and mid-low income households affected by the fire.

Your support is essential to ensure that families remain in their homes, pay their bills, and do not have to experience food insecurity during these challenging times.

I needed help from Live Oak Community Resource because it has been a very difficult time to work now that my children are staying home and learning online. The cash aid really helped me obtain some necessities for my family, as I am a single mother; this was a blessing for my children and me. My children and I were able to eat and pump gas into our little car.

Josefina Z, Capitola