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Coastal Watershed Council

Organization Mission

CWC helps Santa Cruz realize its vision of a healthy, welcoming and fun San Lorenzo River that connects our diverse community to nature — a river that’s attractive and desirable for outdoor recreation and reflection, and helps sustain plants, animals and people.

Our small but mighty team preserves this special watershed by engaging the community in stewardship, monitoring, and education.

The Big Idea 2024:
Healthy River, Healthy Santa Cruz!

We envision the Santa Cruz Riverwalk becoming our Central Park. It’s the only large open space in the heart of the city, a thoroughfare from the Boardwalk to Downtown for visitors and residents, and a backyard for many families and their children who benefit from a safe, healthy recreation area. CWC organizes volunteers to pick up trash, pull invasive weeds, and plant native plants to improve the beauty of the Riverwalk and the health of the river ecosystem.

The San Lorenzo River is our city’s main source of drinking water. It is home to threatened and endangered wildlife and the cornerstone of our city’s founding. This river has suffered from drought, misuse, and neglect. It needs us, and we need it. Every donation protects the water we rely on.

Your gift also supports our Watershed Rangers program, where youth learn about our river and local environmental issues, and participate in solutions to benefit our community — all while enjoying the San Lorenzo River and its habitat.

I support the work of the CWC because I value open spaces and the community well-being that extends from the enjoyment of nature; the riparian corridor is a beautiful feature of Santa Cruz, and we owe it to future generations to preserve the river and its species. If my small donation can help protect the habitat for owls, herons, and hawks, it's the least I can do.

Anthony Villarreal