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Dientes Community Dental Care

Organization Mission

Dientes is on a mission to create lasting oral health for underserved children and adults.

As the largest dental care provider in Santa Cruz County, Dientes provides preventative dental care and affordable treatment for over 10,000 people living in poverty. For nearly 30 years, Dientes has worked hard to ensure that cost, insurance, income, language, and transportation don’t prevent people from visiting the dentist.

The Big Idea:
Dientes Cares

All too often, in our community and beyond, wealth = health.

Dientes is committed to providing access to vital dental care for patients living in poverty so that everyone can have a healthy smile, even amid a pandemic. COVID-19 has increased demand for our care with higher unemployment and more uninsured throughout Santa Cruz County. To keep our patients and staff safe, Dientes has implemented extensive protocols. However, these new protocols are labor-intensive and cost-intensive.

Your support of Dientes Cares is critical to help uninsured patients who are most in need receive free dental care, so they have the dignity that comes with a healthy smile.

If it wasn’t for Dientes my kids’ dental care would have fallen through. When I found out that we could receive free care, I felt like I won the lottery! I’m so grateful.

Kathy, Santa Cruz