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Ecology Action of Santa Cruz

Organization Mission

Ecology Action is based in Santa Cruz with a mission to provide innovative energy, water, and transportation solutions to all communities locally and nationally to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at scale. The high-emitting sectors — transportation, retail food, water and energy use in commercial buildings — have the most significant opportunity for GHG emission reductions. Ecology Action’s programs empower individuals, governments, businesses, and organizations to make positive changes by implementing solutions that create a healthier and more equitable clean energy future coupled with economic benefits for all.

The Big Idea 2024:
Resilient Santa Cruz County Community Campaign

With many residents and groups now taking action on climate, Ecology Action’s expertise and 50 years of environmental work led us to create a one-stop-shop online platform and leadership training so community groups and residents can prepare for climate change impacts and take household actions.

This project provides locally specific resources and incentives for over 120 climate learning topics and actions so homeowners and renters can easily reduce emissions, save money, and prepare for climate change impacts. Nearly 40% of US GHG emissions come from five basic daily household sources: the use of electricity, home heating, transportation, food choices, and our waste stream.

While we work for system-level changes, this campaign supports school clubs, faith communities, co-worker teams, and neighborhood groups to make small changes that together add up to big collective impact.

The platform is easy to use and makes climate action fun! It offers immediate feedback for residents to lower emissions while providing local resources to save money in the process. It is an accessible tool to be a part of collective change for a sustainable future.

Heather P. Santa Cruz