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Esperanza Community Farms LLC

Organization Mission

We promote consumption of fresh, local organic produce and economic justice in the Pajaro and Salinas Valleys by supplying sustainably-farmed produce for families and partners (schools and nonprofits), especially traditionally excluded people.

The Big Idea 2024:
Radical Hospitality on the Community Farm

This year and every year we’d like to host approximately 250 high school youth via school field trips to the farm and 150 multi-generational families. We welcome visitors and friends from different walks of life to gather, dialogue, explore and build relationships around the common interest of organic farming, stewardship of the land and good food for all!

We need equipment and installation of a seating area for 30 people on the Esperanza Community Farm in Watsonville. The multi-purpose gathering space will welcome elders and littles, with traditional farm-style tables & benches, umbrellas, low-to-the-ground seating for children and moveable play kits that include educational toys and sitting blankets.

Thank you for ALL you do. Our family appreciates it.

Melanie Cervantes, CSA member