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Farm Discovery at Live Earth

Organization Mission

Farm Discovery works to empower youth and families to regenerate health in food, farming, nature and community. On our organic farm, youth learn to grow and prepare healthy, plant-forward based foods from the field to the table. Working with kids and families in nine hands-on programs, including field trips and summer camps, we provide year-round opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn about and participate in their local food system

The Big Idea 2024:
Nutrition Security & Farming Education Program

Farm Discovery grows and distributes organic produce to local residents experiencing nutrition insecurity through partnerships with Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes, Holy Cross pantry and meal programs, Encompass Community Services Transitional Age Youth program, Camphill Communities, and we accept new requests.

We believe that no family in our community should have to decide between buying groceries or paying rent, no senior should have to choose between food and medicine, and no parent should have to skip a meal for their children to eat. The expansion of this project is in response to continued food insecurity across the community in areas intensified by floods in 2023, the ongoing health crises, and our demonstrated success to tap into existing sources of healthy, organic produce and distribution networks.

In 2023 so far we have harvested and distributed over 1300 pounds of produce from the Farm Discovery fields and gleaned 37,000 pounds. With additional funding we could increase that to over 40,000 pounds and get it there fresher with a new walk-in cooler.

An average of 25 pounds of produce feeds a family of four for one week — therefore, we feed about 50 families per week fresh, organic produce. With your support, we’ll continue this, keeping our cost to only $1.30/pound of produce, which covers the produce and all labor.

You guys are amazing! Many people had their food stamps cut by as much as 75% this year, so our lines are a little larger and people are even more thankful for your service to our community. Thank you so much for making our community a healthier, more equal place for everyone.

Trevor Hutchison, Holy Cross Pantry