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Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries

Friends of Public Libaries

Organization Mission

Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries support the city-county system through more than 8,000 annual volunteer hours, fundraising and advocacy. We provide books and programs to each branch.

Donations last year through Santa Cruz Gives funded the Veterans Resource Center at the downtown Santa Cruz branch; purchased books on all topics; and expanded the Robo Sumo program where teens learned to build, program and test wrestling robots while developing coding skills.

Our goal is to create stronger neighborhoods and a culturally-enriched county through accessible and diverse programs.

The Big Idea:
Santa Cruz Public Libraries—More Than Just Books!

For our 150th year, we celebrate not only how the libraries started simply as a source of free books for knowledge, but that now libraries offer so many more avenues to lifelong learning.

Your donation will add to our programming fund for the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. Each program costs $250 to $1,500, depending on its scope. In 2018, we want to add 10 incredible programs a month to libraries (120 programs a year).

Examples of programs include:

$30 buys a CodeCombat license for a teen to learn coding for one year and get equivalent coding skills to a first year Stanford engineering student.

$50 brings an author talk to a branch.

$100 funds a citizen science presentation. Local scientists speak to the public about their current research.

$250 brings a magician to perform at a branch during the summer reading program.

$500 funds a year of collections (books and online resources) devoted to our special needs population.

$1,000 will fund a full workshop of RoboSumo Wrestling for 20 students or a year of Spanish Storytime at Live Oak Branch.

It is the generosity of the Santa Cruz community that allows the libraries to offer an incredible collection of books, materials and programming. Thank you!


I’m the mother of a five year old and my family loves the library. It’s such a part of our daily lives. We look forward to many more happy years utilizing the resources offered there. Thank you for being an integral part of improving our libraries!

Kristy Amory, Santa Cruz