2019 Application GIVE through
December 31

Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries

Organization Mission

Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries supports the Santa Cruz City-County library system through fundraising, volunteer services and advocacy.

Donations fund traditional items such as books and media, emergency needs such as replacing deteriorated furniture, new computer technology, and a wealth of cultural and educational programs for your favorite branch.

The Big Idea:
2018-19 STEAM Programs

We have gone from STEM to STEAM. We are adding the Arts to promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (which are highly correlated with innovation) because we believe art and design will transform the economy in this century.

Most of the STEAM programs at SCPL have 100 percent enrollment with waiting lists. Your support will allow libraries to increase the number of students, many from low income families, who gain experience in solving real world problems through identifying, framing and solving problems collaboratively.

Your support will fund supplies for programs for children of various ages that include designing, programming and building robots; Minecraft classes to teach coding; LEGO Simple and Not-So Simple Machines for a hands-on approach to engineering; and more.

Checking out arms full of books hasn’t changed, but now a trip to the library might include programming robots, building Lego catapults, and coding in different computer languages. My kids are learning technical skills while engaging in creativity, problem solving, and teamwork. The benefits of a library that adapts to our fast-paced, high-tech world are many, not least of all growing up with the next generation of library lovers.

Christine Candelaria, Santa Cruz