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December 31

Girls Inc.

Organization Mission

To inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold and to respect themselves and the world around them.

We provide girls with tools and support, research-based programming, and trained professionals who mentor them in a safe environment of peers who share their aspirations. Girls learn to set and achieve goals, boldly confront challenges, resist peer pressure, see college as attainable, and explore nontraditional fields.

The Big Idea:
Friendly PEERsuasion Program

The Friendly PEERsuasion after-school program teaches girls communication skills, stress management, awareness of tobacco, drugs and alcohol, and how to resist negative peer and media pressures, and bullying. Teen girls are positive influences to facilitate and model healthy behavior for younger girls.

Phase I (12 weeks): Train girls aged 11-14 to facilitate programs on decision-making, assertiveness, communication skills, and practice walking away from situations where they feel pressured to use alcohol or drugs.

Phase II (6 weeks): The new “PEERsuaders” conduct substance-abuse prevention activities for children aged 6-10.

Girls Inc. gave me the tools to prepare for my future. This program taught me to take risks and that it is okay to fail as long as I get back up and try again. Thanks to Girls Inc. I now have more confidence in myself to overcome any obstacle.

Camila P., 16, Watsonville