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Grey Bears

Organization Mission

Grey Bears improves the health and well-being of seniors and our community through food distribution, volunteerism, resource conservation and recycling.

Seniors caught at the edge of poverty often live alone and rent. Because Santa Cruz County is one of the least affordable areas in the U.S., an estimated 40% of seniors do not have the income to meet their basic needs. That’s why our work is so vital.

The Big Idea:
Moving Forward At Every Age

What does it mean to age well? Local, vital and multifaceted, Grey Bears believes that good nutrition, activity and social connection are the perfect recipe for healthy aging. We deliver fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthy staples to 4,200 seniors weekly including 1,300 who are homebound. Our kitchen will also deliver 1,600 healthy meals to seniors this holiday season.

Over four decades of service, our weekly healthy food deliveries, volunteer activities, events, classes, and resource recovery programs continue to make our community stronger, healthier and more sustainable. We believe that our aging community is not a burden but a hardworking asset, a natural resource with a diversity of skills, talents and boundless ways to contribute. We know that the future should be something to look forward to, at every age.

I'm deeply grateful for my Grey Bears bag, especially right now during Covid while I'm not working. This is the only food I've had this week and I've been able to survive on it. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful to all of you.

Dana M., age 63, Soquel