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December 31

Grey Bears

Organization Mission

Grey Bears improves the health and well-being of seniors through food distribution, volunteerism and environmental preservation. Our vision is that all seniors live healthy, meaningful lives.

Grey Bears has grown into one of the most resourceful food distribution and recycling nonprofits in the U.S.

The Big Idea:
Moving Forward at Every Age

Grey Bears is a nutritional lifeline for 3,800 low-income seniors. Our Healthy Food for Seniors program delivers brown bags of fresh produce and healthy staples to aging adults each week. Additional daily food distributions support thousands more. It adds up to the equivalent of two million meals each year.

Hundreds of mostly-senior volunteers enjoy all sorts of volunteer opportunities. Their service makes our programs possible while cultivating social support systems and health benefits for both volunteers and participants. Weekly classes include chair yoga, Spanish, cooking, tech help, fix-it clinics, and lunch events that keep seniors active and socially engaged, and help them age with joy, grace and dignity.

The weekly brown bags have really changed my way of eating. Great value. At our pick-up location people get together and compare – “How did you cook your Brussels sprouts?” etc. I open the bag each week and it reminds me to eat healthier.

Rich G, Scotts Valley, age 68