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Health Projects Center

Organization Mission

Health Projects Center supports people as they age to live safely at home by delivering high quality services and programs in the Monterey Bay Region. (Funds raised through Santa Cruz Gives will support Santa Cruz County.)

The Big Idea 2024:
HPC's Commitment to Vulnerable Communities through Care Expansion

Our Big Idea for 2024 seeks to transform the lives of vulnerable individuals at risk of prematurely being put in nursing homes, particularly those with low incomes. It costs much less for elders to live in their homes.

Building on our past success, we aim to double the number of people we support in care management. Last year, we aided 2,529 individuals, and we aspire to raise this by 50%. Our approach includes assessing recipients’ specific needs, such as assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed, using the toilet, and other ”Activities of Daily Living.“ We also offer assistance with housing, transportation, and medical appointments.

We offer programs in both English and Spanish, and serve a growing number of seniors (21% of SC County residents were 60+ in 2021). Not only will we expand our impact, we’ll foster dignity, independence, and a stronger sense of community among those who need it most. Join us in transforming lives through meaningful care.

I'm very happy with my Care Manager. She is smart about solving problems and always there if I need her, plus she's always made made feel positive and so I am grateful. She is such a kind and strong organizer. She is so patient with me.

Annoymous Santa Cruz MSSP client