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Homeless Garden Project

Organization Mission

In the soil of our urban, organic farm and garden, people find the tools they need to build a home in the world.

The Big Idea:
Transitional Employment Program

HGP has continued to provide essential services for the community, both in human services and growing food for the community. In a destabilized world, those experiencing homelessness remain vulnerable and HGP’s yearlong program remains a critical opportunity to get folks back on their feet.

Now in it’s 30th year, the program has been honed to be as effective as possible for getting people into stable housing and employment. A new priority has been to support our alum once they have obtained employment and housing. The focus for the immediate future is to strengthen our graduate support and grow our capacity to build a new home at Pogonip where we can deepen the impact of our work.

Last year, 100% of our trainee graduates obtained stable employment, 78% found stable housing, and we distributed more than 7,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce to nonprofits throughout Santa Cruz County.

There is a cure for homelessness. It’s through community and outreach programs like Homeless Garden Project. I can only hope it will expand, to help more people through a difficult time. The Homeless Garden Project is my home — I’ll never forget it. It’s a magical place that will always be in my heart.

Adam Marshall, Santa Cruz, HGP graduate, new City employee