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Homeless Garden Project

Organization Mission

Our Mission: In the soil of our urban farm and garden, people find the tools they need to build a home in the world.

Our Vision: We envision a thriving and inclusive community, workforce, and local food system.
We Value: The capacity of every individual for growth and renewal. The joy that comes from growing and sharing healthy food. The well-being created by vibrant social and natural ecosystems.

The Big Idea:
Two Steps Closer to Home

The Homeless Garden Project is building a new, permanent home, Pogonip Farm. Located within the City of Santa Cruz’s Pogonip greenbelt, our new 9-acre farm will triple our capacity to transform lives and build community connections.

Serving as a national model, Pogonip Farm will be the heart of HGP’s dynamic agriculture program for people who are experiencing homelessness. We help to transform lives by finding homes, providing job training, teaching skills, providing volunteer opportunities, and stewarding land through organic farming.

Last year, 100% of our trainee graduates obtained stable employment and stable housing, and more than 7,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce was distributed to nonprofits throughout Santa Cruz County, feeding 2,500-plus people. Strong bonds are formed by our community of volunteers, interns, customers, and trainees that break down the profound sense of isolation felt by many people experiencing homelessness.

Please consider making a gift toward one-time costs to build the Farm Center at Pogonip: an administrative and kitchen building, a barn, and greenhouses.

I am truly blessed to get to work on this beautiful farm every day, learning how to grow organic produce, and eating fresh cooked meals daily from what we grow right here. I get to watch these plants grow from seed, while I grow alongside them as a human being. Caring and nurturing for these plants is re-teaching me how to care and nurture for myself.

Shadley Stephens

We Did It!

The 2019 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2020!