2019 Application GIVE through
December 31

Homeless Garden Project

Organization Mission

The Homeless Garden Project is an organic urban farm that provides job training, transitional employment, and support services to people who are homeless. With an emphasis on creating a thriving and inclusive community, as well as growing the local food system, the project provides people with the tools to build a home in the world.

The Homeless Garden Project also supports the community with a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), and an education and volunteer program that blends formal, experiential, and service-learning.

The Big Idea:
Impact Fund for Trainee Wages

Santa Cruz County has one of the largest homeless populations by county in the U.S. Our success rate of 92% for employment and housing achieved by recent graduates speaks to our 28 years of innovating for better and more sustainable services for this population and, ultimately, for improving the community.

In order to support our trainee graduates’ transition into jobs and housing, and retention of jobs, our request to Santa Cruz Gives is to support our Impact Fund program. This program provides individuals experiencing homelessness with not just a paycheck, but with a job that offers support, education, and training—that is, a path to stability, independence and a home that lasts.

I entered the project a broken man and graduated with hope and determination.

Arthur Keculah, Trainee Graduate, UCSC CASFS Graduate, The Garden Company employee