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Organization Mission

The mission of the Natural Bridges Media/KSQD is to build community through quality broadcasts, podcasts, training programs and community events that celebrate the uniqueness of Santa Cruz County and beyond.

The Big Idea 2023:
Expand Community Radio for Santa Cruz County

KSQD has a rare opportunity to expand its service to more Santa Cruz County residents by purchasing 89.7 FM. It will improve the signal in already covered areas, triple the potential audience to 645,000, and will add Watsonville, Aptos, and beyond. Radio licenses are not for sale often, so this opportunity is rare and immediate.

KSQD broadcasts community-centered news, public affairs, and music programs serving local needs. The station is volunteer-driven — by, for and about local people and topics. Please help us preserve local journalism by meeting a January deadline to purchase the license and build a microwave link.

Whenever two or three talented people have a dream and then have the smarts and stick-to-it-ive-ness to make it a reality, you've got to support them when they see an opportunity to grow the reality in a sensible, solid way. That's the story of the founders and their KSQD dream, and it's why we support their latest expansion plans.

Rowland and Pat Rebele, Santa Cruz, CA

We Did It!

The 2022 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2023!