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KSQD - Natural Bridges Media

Organization Mission

The mission of Natural Bridges Media/KSQD is to build community through quality broadcasts, podcasts, training programs and community events. We celebrate the uniqueness of our region through news, arts, and culturally diverse programming. We are many voices, one station, and welcome all perspectives.

The Big Idea 2024:
Squidcasting: Community Stories from Santa Cruz County

KSQD invites proposals for short features and personal commentaries or editorials so community members can write, record and submit their stories for potential airplay. KSQD will provide training in interviewing, writing and hosting for new and existing volunteers.

Interested donors may also contact us about supporting our goal to create a recording studio space in Watsonville for interviews/podcasting so residents can easily access the airwaves near their homes to create news and cultural programming in Spanish and English.

Mazel Tov y Zyguzunt. As an 80-year-old activist grandma, neighbor, friend, and artist, I appreciate the eclectic, serious, fun, informing, empowering, nurturing, community-building, intergenerational, and multi-cultural radio station that is KSQD.

Phyllis H. Menard, Santa Cruz