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MENtors Driving Change for Boys, Men and Dads

Organization Mission

We believe that males — boys, young men, men, and fathers — possess the potential for enhanced social and emotional development through positive mentoring relationships. By nurturing their self-awareness, engagement, and connections, they can cultivate more robust and enduring relationships with themselves, their families, and the broader community.

Our ultimate goal is to champion healthy masculinity, empowering boys and fathers to effectively confront social and personal challenges in a constructive manner. We diligently create opportunities and nurturing environments for participants to identify, resist, and replace “toxic masculinity,” leading to improvements in their social and emotional development.

The Big Idea 2024:
Ignite 100 MENtors Who Care in Santa Cruz County

One in three young people today grow up without exposure to positive mentors in their lives. Research indicates that boys in the U.S. face unique challenges, as they are more likely than girls to experience adverse outcomes such as academic failure, substance use, binge drinking, involvement in violent crime, behavioral disorders, prescription of stimulant medications, and taking their own lives. Boys are twice as likely as girls to drop out of school and four times as likely to be expelled.

With your support, we will ignite 100 mentors in our community who identify as male to step in and step up to guide and coach our participating boys and men in their journey.

Because of MENtors I am closer to my children. I have learned new skills and parenting styles to connect with my kids. And I have a community of fathers who support me and keep me accountable on my P.R.I.D.E. (Physically accessible, Responsible for the child, Influential childrearing, Dedicated providers and Emotionally engaged).

Tony Guadarrama, father of three