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Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes

Organization Mission

Our vision is a Pajaro Valley community in which all people have access to healthy food and basic necessities. Our mission is to provide healthy, hearty meals, groceries and fresh produce, and connections with other agencies to help our neighbors enhance their health and well-being.

The Big Idea:
Increase Our Outreach — Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

For the past 30 years we’ve been a frontline, boot-strapping food pantry and lunch program touching thousands of lives each year with a limited budget and efficient operations carried out by hundreds of dedicated volunteers and a small-but-nimble staff. As we serve over 26,000 hot meals each year, we’re dedicated to serving our clients in the most nutritious and environmentally-friendly way possible.

Our on-site FREE-to-all-who-are-hungry lunch program was 100% waste free, pre-Covid. We are now challenged to provide the same healthy meals in to-go packaging. To adjust to the new way of serving our clients, we’ve been using more disposable products and are well aware of the strain this has on our environment.

This year please help us make our operation — receiving, storing and distributing more than 500,000 pounds of food each year — greener.

The lunches at PVLF are the best. It's like getting a meal from home.

Elijio R., Watsonville