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Pajaro Valley Shelter Services

Organization Mission

PVSS provides families with a path to stable, self-sufficient futures through short-term and longer-term housing and supportive services. We run structured, drug- and alcohol-free programs within a warm, secure environment.

In 2019-2020, PVSS served 204 individuals;
87% of PVSS families exited to permanent housing;
67% exited with savings for housing;
71% of adults exited successfully with employment.

The Big Idea:
Economic Empowerment for Families Experiencing Homelessness During & Beyond the Pandemic

Families in PVSS programs literally work their way out of homelessness and financial vulnerability. At the onset of Shelter-in-Place, 50% of PVSS families experienced job loss or employment interruption.

PVSS is launching Coordinated Economic Development to provide families with financial literacy training, tuition assistance for job training resources, and assistance with finding and retaining employment.

Financial resilience makes the difference between maintaining progress toward permanent housing and returning to homelessness — during and beyond the pandemic. Help us respond to the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on the employment and financial stability of families experiencing homelessness: support our comprehensive economic empowerment program for Pajaro Valley families!You can be the difference!

My wife and I were sleeping on the street and our two children were in a small rented space before we entered PVSS’ Transitional Housing program in 2016. At PVSS, we restored our sense of responsibility and self-confidence; shed the layers of our addiction and depression; rebuilt our support networks; and learned how to manage our finances, united as a family. Our children regained the stability they needed to graduate from high school and are now pursuing higher education. In our last year at PVSS, we saved as much as we could, and in January 2020, we bought the home of our dreams in Santa Nella. We are so thankful!

Adan Roldan, Santa Nella, 43