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Pajaro Valley Shelter Services

Organization Mission

PVSS provides families with a path to stable, self-sufficient futures through short-term and longer-term housing and supportive services.

In 2020, PVSS served 218 individuals. 70% of PVSS families exited to permanent housing, 50% exited with savings for housing; and 76% of adults exited successfully with employment. 41 families have even purchased their own homes since leaving PVSS. We run structured, drug- and alcohol-free programs within a warm, secure environment.

The Big Idea 2022:
Hope and Home: Moving Families Out of Homelessness and Into Permanent Housing and Self- Sufficiency

Families in PVSS programs literally work their way out of homelessness and financial vulnerability. Our three-pillar program model transforms the lives of families in the areas of Emotional Stability, Financial Stability, and Housing Stability.

To maximize the success of families in transitioning from our emergency shelter and transitional housing into a home of their own, and to complete our three-pillar model we are launching a new tenant education program: Hope and Home.

We’ll provide information, training, and support that increase the ability of families to find and keep appropriate housing. Families learn to avoid common housing pitfalls such as poor landlord/neighbor relationships; lack of emergency funds; irresponsible use of credit; and lack of knowledge of housing laws.

Nelly and I exited PVSS’ Transitional Housing Program in 2012 — into our own home! Nine years later, we maintain our stability and are in the process of purchasing a home for our family. Our case manager at PVSS believed in us and encouraged us to save, awakening our financial consciousness. To this day, we rely on the self-sufficiency skills and financial discipline we developed at PVSS to thrive as a family.

Saul, Watsonville, 36

We Did It!

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