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Resource Center for Nonviolence

Organization Mission

The staff and volunteers of the Resource Center for Nonviolence promote the practice of nonviolence as a dynamic means of effecting personal and social changes to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

We provide resources for critical reflection, constructive action, leadership development, and individual and group empowerment to address social problems.

The Big Idea:
Cultural Exchange Selma

Scholarships for Cultural Exchange Selma will support Santa Cruz County young people aged 16-25 to gain certification in Kingian Nonviolence in a 5-day training led by Dr. Bernard LaFayette in Selma, Alabama. Students will also join in the Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee, reenacting the historic Pettus Bridge crossing with thousands of people and civil rights leaders Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. William Barber.

The journey takes place Feb. 25-March 5 and will develop knowledge, skills and relationships needed for participation in our multicultural society.

Your donations will fund young people, but the program provides opportunities for adults of all ages to integrate multicultural understanding and develop culturally inclusive perspectives. The trip will include meeting civil rights “foot soldiers,” touring the Ancient Africa, Enslavement and Civil War Museum, the national Voting Rights Museum, and the EJI National Peace and Justice Museum (with lynching exhibit). Participants will meet members of the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth and Reconciliation.

The power of this immersive education is life-changing. With your support, we can change the lives of those who make the trip, and their communities, as the beneficial effects ripple into others around them.

My favorite part of going to Selma was being able to have personal, deep conversations with locals of the region, people who may be unrecognized on a large scale yet hold some of the greatest wisdom I have ever encountered. This trip has absolutely changed my life, no exaggeration. Selma made me challenge my ego by learning to listen deeply instead of always having something to say; allowed me to understand how the challenges of the human condition manifest differently based on how society values and gives privilege to your gender, race, sexuality, etc.; and lastly, showed me the value of spirituality (in any form) in healing oneself and further constructing the Beloved community.

Linnea, 18

We Did It!

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