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Organization Mission

The mission of Regeneración is to achieve climate justice through community-driven solutions.

We build a shared sense of urgency among community leaders, grassroots groups, nonprofit agencies, researchers, and public agencies to collectively work on climate justice.

We grow young environmental justice champions by providing them a platform and amplifying their voices, actions, and leadership, and expand leadership in underrepresented communities to inform local strategies and decisions required to respond and adapt to climate change.

The Big Idea 2024:
Build a climate-ready and climate-responsive Pajaro Valley

Regeneración is building an inclusive network that empowers all residents to reduce fossil fuel emissions and make our region more resilient in the face of climate change. As we build a ready and responsive Pajaro Valley, we will create jobs, improve health outcomes, increase community well-being, and address economic- and race-based disparities.

While every person in our County has felt the effects of climate change through wildfire, extreme heat, intense rainfall, or flooding, young people will live with the effects of climate change longer, and their leadership is needed to achieve environmental justice.

With nearly half of Watsonville’s population under 25, their actions will be a critical part of a climate-resilient future.

Working in partnership with local high schools, colleges and universities, Regeneración will provide mentorship and leadership training for youth interested in climate-focused careers and movement building. We will meet with young activists at their school sites, hear their ideas, and offer tools for leading effectively and building a unified movement to protect all life.

My work with the Advocacy Committee introduced me to amazing people in our community such as policymakers and local activists. I loved participating in the incredible Artivism events and marching alongside the Pajaro community. Thanks to Regeneración I feel empowered to be a part of contributing to a greener future.

Cynthia Piña, age 17, Watsonville