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Regeneración - Pajaro Valley Climate Action

Organization Mission

We work with community partners to empower everyone in the Pájaro Valley to respond locally to the global challenge of a changing climate.

What we do:
Educate residents to make choices and take actions that reduce carbon emissions.

Elevate the stories of how climate change impacts the community.

Grow new young environmental justice champions by providing them a platform and amplifying their voices, actions, and leadership.

Expand leadership in underrepresented communities to inform local strategies that address climate change.

The Big Idea:
Young Climate Justice Activists Rising Up!

In the Pajaro Valley and around the world, young people are rising up to demand that communities and governments respond to the climate emergency with action and policy change. They see that they will be left with the results of humanity’s collective action or inaction.

We are all about solutions! In 2020 Regeneración will meet with young activists, listen to their ideas, and offer tools for preventing burnout, leading effective meetings, and eliminating the obstacles to building a unified movement to protect life.

We will help connect young leaders with mentors, resources, and other youth, and support their work. We will produce short videos to distribute via social media channels to present local solutions and climate justice messages from young people (in partnership with Inspira Studios). Other projects include Earth Week April 2020 at Pajaro Valley High, and participation during global youth climate strikes and rallies.

As the only South County-based and social justice-focused climate action group in Santa Cruz County, Regeneracion is building leadership capacity especially among young people to help realize a just, thriving Pájaro Valley.

Me dí cuenta de que el planeta está más danado de lo que me imaginé. Es mi casa y la estamos destruyendo. Hoy soy más consciente de cómo hacer grandes cambios y pasar la información a otras personas. ......... I realized that the planet is more damaged than I had imagined. It’s my home and we are destroying it. Today I’m more aware of how to make big changes and to pass on the information to others.

Yadira Ruiz, Watsonville

We Did It!

The 2019 campaign is finished. To see the campaign, close this window.

And please come back in November, 2020!