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Regeneración - Pajaro Valley Climate Action

Organization Mission

We work with community partners to inspire everyone in the Pájaro Valley to respond locally to the global challenge of a changing climate.

What we do:

Educate residents to make choices and take actions that reduce carbon emissions.
Highlight stories about how climate change impacts the community.
Grow new young environmental justice champions by providing them with a platform and amplifying their voices, actions, and leadership.
Expand leadership in underrepresented communities to inform local strategies that address climate change.

The Big Idea:
Women, Girls and Climate Justice

Women know a great deal about building relationships and nurturing life. This knowledge is essential for spreading awareness and taking swift action to protect a livable world as our community faces a difficult recovery from unprecedented wildfires fueled by drought and extreme heat.

We will convene our third community forum and social media awareness-raising campaign in 2021 with a focus on Women and Climate Change. We’ll plan, host, and promote a virtual Climate of Hope forum featuring a range of female voices and targeting a diverse audience from our tri-county area.

High school and college students will gain skills in organizing, communications, effective outreach, and engagement as they help to develop and promote an online event that inspires others to take meaningful action and spur new initiatives to reverse global warming.

We’ll focus on how women, especially low-income women of color, are disproportionately affected by climate impacts and are needed in leadership.

In 2020 I became a part of the Regeneración team and flourished along with them during the pandemic and wildfires as we created very successful events and forums. I feel welcomed, inspired, and passionate about our work. I was motivated to video my dad’s testimony as a farmworker in regards to heat stress and even took initiative to create care packages for some farmworkers that consisted of resources from Regeneración, food, and gifts.

Elizabeth Hernandez, 24